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150 Years of Slovenské pohµady (Slovak Perspectives)
Catalogue Number:  93
Stamp Design:  Peter Augustovič
Stamp Engraving:  Miloą Ondráček
Date of Issue:  May 30, 1996
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FDC Design:  Peter Augustovič
FDC Engraving:  Miloą Ondráček
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FDC Printing:  Postal Stationery Printing House, Prague, Czech Republic
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Slovenské pohµady (1846-1996)
150th anniversary of what is probably Europe's oldest review

The review Slovenské pohµady na literatúru, umenie a ľivot (Slovak Perspectives on Literature, Art and Life) was founded in 1864 by the fighter for national emancipation Jozef Miloslav Hurban. His concept for a periodical on literature and science fitted in perfectly with the activities of ©túr and his followers, who were intent upon concentrating the forces of national revival and defending the authenticity, rights and unique culture of the Slovaks in the adverse conditions of the Kingdom of Hungary. At celebrations held in Budmerice to mark the anniversary, the Minister of Culture, Ivan Hudec had this to say of the review: "Slovenské pohµady as a European symbol is one of our greatest sources of pride. If Slovak culture had not had Slovenské pohµady it would undoubtedly be a different culture. Without it we should have been a quite different nation. Slovenské pohµady has in a certain way reflected all of the conflicts and endeavours of Slovak society."

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