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Catalogue Number:  95
Stamp Design:  František Horniak
Stamp Engraving:  František Horniak
Date of Issue:  June 14, 1996
Printing:  Postal Stationery Printing House, Prague, Czech Republic
Print Technology:  Rotary-recess printing combined with recess printing
Print Run:  Unfinished
FDC Design:  František Horniak
Cancellation Design:  František Horniak
Printing:  Printing House Gerthoffer, Zohor
Print Technology:  Offset
FDC Print Run:  10,000

The district town of Senica is a major economic, cultural and civic centre of Záhorie.

The first written mention of the community dates from 1217 and it received town privileges in 1396. Its rapid growth was assisted by its favourable location on the main route from Bohemia and Moravia to Hungary. In fact, this so-called Bohemian route passed straight through its centre. In the 17th and 18th centuries the town flourished economically with the arrival of large numbers of skilled craftsmen. Various guilds were formed, a brewery and a bell foundry established, and new branches of manufacture introduced, such as cloth and alcohol.

Modern-day Senica with its more than twenty-one thousand inhabitants was formed with the incorporation of the hamlets of Sotiná, Čačov and Kunov.

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