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6th World Championship in Half Marathon, Košice 1997

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Igor Piačka
Bohumil Šneider
September 17, 1997
Postal Stationery Printing House, Prague
Rotary-recess printing combined with recess printing
FDC Design:  Igor Piačka
FDC Engraving:  Bohumil Šneider
Cancellation Design:  Igor Piačka
FDC Printing:  Postal Stationery Printing House, Prague, Czech Republic
FDC Print Technology:  Recess printing from flat plates
FDC Print Run:  10 000

On October 4th, 1997 Košice will be playing host to the cream of the world's long-distance runners at the 6th IAAF/ VSŽ World Championship in the Half Marathon. The city selected by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) is home to the second oldest marathon in the world, the International Peace Marathon, initiated in 1924. The significance of an event of such stature being held in Slovakia is all the greater given that this year we are proud to celebrate the centenary of organised athletics in the country. The Slovak Athletics Union has entrusted the organisation of the Championship to the Košice Marathon Club, while VSŽ, the Košice-based iron works, has undertaken overall sponsorship. Of the IAAF's two hundred and ten member federations, competitors are expected from approximately sixty countries from all continents. Since its inception in 1992 the half-marathon Championship has become one of the most popular sporting events not only with the athletes involved, but also with spectators, for many of whom road racing is the first, and perhaps only, contact with athletics.

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