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Martin Rázus

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Martin Rázus (1888-1937), writer, journalist and politician

Martin Rázus was a Lutheran pastor in Pribylina, Moravské Lieskové and Brezno, and a poet of personal and passionate response to social issues (From Quiet and Stormy Moments/Z tichých i búrnych chvíľ, On the Journey/Cestou, Encounter/Stretnutie). Author of novels treating of society and history (Worlds/Svety, Tavern King/Krčmársky kráľ), Rázus was at his best in his autobiographical works Maroško/Maroško and Maroško Studies/Maroško študuje, poetic evocations of an enchanted, albeit impoverished, childhood. His views on philosophy and aesthetics are to be found in a book of conversations with his son, Arguments. Rázus was among the most prolific and active of Slovak writers between the wars. After the First World War he became the ideologue of the Slovak National Party, and was from 1927 to 1937 its Chairman. He was a member of the National Assembly from 1929 to 1937, and a considerable output as publicist accompanied his life as a politician and public figure.

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