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Juraj Haulik
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Date of Issue:  January 28, 1999
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Juraj Haulik (1788-1869) was a church dignitary and the first cardinal of Croatia.

Born in Trnava, he studied there and in Esztergom and Vienna. He was consecrated priest in 1811 and worked in Komárno before becoming a canon in Esztergom in 1825. There followed posts as counsellor at the Hungarian Royal Governor's Office in Budin and subsequently at the Hungarian Royal Court Office in Vienna. From 1832 he was provost in Zagreb, becoming that city's first archbishop in 1852. In 1856 he was made the first cardinal of Croatia. Juraj Haulik died in Zagreb on May 11th, 1869.

In Croatia he participated in the organization of religious life, including founding religious communities and societies. He applied his energies to schooling and public education and in 1848 established the Zagreb Catholic Missive. He was also active in the promotion of study of the Croatian language in schools, supported a national theatre and instigated the training of teachers and an agricultural association.

His publications include dissertations, occasional addresses and sermons.

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