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Fairy Tales Characters - Ma»ko and Kubko
Catalogue Number:  298
Work Of Art:  Ladislav Čapek
Stamp Design and Stamp Engraving:  Martin Činovský
Date of Issue:  June 1, 2003
Printing:  Postal Stationery Printing House, Prague, Czech Republic
Print Technology:  Rotary recess printing combined with recess printing
Size of Impression:  23.0 mm x 30.0 mm
Print Run:  5,000,000 pieces
FDC Motif:  Ladislav Čapek
Cancellation Design:  Martin Činovský using illustration by Ladislav Čapek
FDC Printing:  TAB Ltd., Bratislava
FDC Print Technology:  Offset
FDC Print Run:  6,000

Issues dedicated to children have been published already for several years on the occassion of the International Day of Children. For some of them, children's drawings from various competitions were used. This presented Fairy Tales Characters issue brings children Mat'ko and Kubko (Mathew and Jacob), their favourite animated heroes from the successful TV bedtime stories in the 70's, The Shepherds Tended Sheep. The series has also been published in a book later. The Slovak animated children cartoons rank to prominent world position due to their quality. There are generations of children being raised by the Slovak TV animated bedtime stories who loved them. The success of animated Slovak cartoons has also been proved abroad with several international awards substantiating that fairy tales are everlasting knowing and no frontier.

The book Ma»ko a Kubko written by Marianna Grznárová consists of several tales about amusing happenings of Ma»ko a Kubko - shepherds living in a shepherds cottage. The charm of the story lies in humorous parody of the topic and of the language of folk fairy tales. Amusing reading is supplemented by equally humorous illustrations by Ladislav Čapek, that children love so much. The illustrations are reproduced on stamp and on first day cover.

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Year 2001
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