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Studenovodský vodopád
Catalogue Number:  234
Stamp Design:  Martin Činovský
Stamp Engraving:  Martin Činovský
Date of Issue:  May 5, 2001
Printing:  Postal Stationery Printing House, Prague, Czech Republic
Print Technology:  Recess printing from flat plates
Size of Impression:  40.0 mm x 23.0 mm
Print Run:  360,000 pieces
FDC Design:  Martin Činovský
FDC Engraving:  Arnold Feke
Cancellation Design:  Martin Činovský
FDC Printing:  TAB s.r.o., Bratislava
FDC Print Technology:  Recess printing from flat plates
FDC Print Run:  6,000 pieces

Down from the confluence of the Malý Studený potok and Vel'ký Studený potok (Small Cold Brook and Large Cold Brook), a complex of smaller and larger waterfalls in the direction of the flow is situated, for which a summary term Studenovodské vodopády (Cold Water Waterfalls) is used. At the beginning of the Cold Brook flow, there is the Small Waterfall (1276 above the sea level) which is 18 meters high. Below the Small Waterfall, there is the 5 m high Hidden Waterfall and after it follows the Large Waterfall with the highest cascade (13 meters). The Long Waterfall is the last one from the complex ending in the height of 1153 m above the sea level. Studenovodské vodopády are beautiful and attractive for tourists, who can get there from three different directions. For the first Tatra's visitors, the first alpine chalet (Reinerova chata) was built in 1863 on the Starolesnianska plateau - in the southern part of the High Tatras - under which the complex of waterfalls begins.

Mikuláš Argalács

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