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First Slovak Gymnasiums
Martin (1862)
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FDC Engraving:  Miloš Ondráček
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One of the three Slovak patronage gymnasiums was in Martin. These three Slovak secondary Christian schools were established without the support from state. The gymnasiums were supervised by the so-called "patronage", headed by a committee that was lead by a chairman. The patronage was in charge of material supplement of the school. The chairmen were important personalities of the Slovak nationallife.
Gymnasium in Martin was opened in 1867 as the second Lutheran patronage gymnasium. It educated students in their mother-tongue in democratic, Slavonic and national spirit. It had predominantly humanitarian character. Gymnasium was attended by 671 students, who came from all Slovakia from different social strata.
Viliam Pauliny-Tóth was the patronage chairman of the gymnasium. J.Kadavý, M.Kramár, G.Dérer, J.Inštitoris, J.Nedobrý belonged to the gymnasium's most important professors, and for example J.Janoška, M.Kukučín, M.Štefankovič, and P.P.Zgúth studied here. The gymnasium was abolished in 1875.
The gymnasium played progressive role in the Slovak national history and many intellectuals, national and cultural personalities were educated there.

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