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First Slovak Gymnasiums
Kláštor pod Znievom (1869)
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FDC Design:  Robert Jančovič
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As the last from the three Slovak gymnasiums, the Catholic patronage gymnasium in Kláštor pod Znievom was established in 1869. In the times of gymnasium's existence, Kláštor pod Znievom became a national uprising centre of Turec region. In the most modern and the most pushy curriculum from among the Slovak patronage gymnasiums, the emphasis was laid on real (natural science) subjects. 669 students from all Slovakia, mostly from poor farnilies, studied here from its' establishment up to 1874. Martin Čulen was the principal of the gymnasium. Samuel Zachej, Gabriel Zaymus, and Matej Korauš acted here as professors. The gymnasium raised many representatives of Slovak national life and personalities in the sphere of national culture, e.g. writers Ferko Urbánek and Anton Bielik studied here. The gymnasium was closed in 1874.
The République Francaise published on 9 February 1875: "Three Slovak gymnasiums...established with help of patriotic sponsorship from Slovak population were abolished one after another. These were the only schools in which the Slovak youth could be educated in their mother-tongue."
Slovak patronage gymnasiums played an important and irreplaceable role in the history of the Slovak nation and of the educational system.

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