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25 Years of Ekotopfilm

Catalogue Number:  162
Stamp Design:  Igor Benca
Stamp Engraving:  František Horniak
Date of Issue:  October 5, 1998
Printing:  Postal Stationery Printing House, Prague
Print Technology:  Rotary-recess printing combined with recess-printing
Print Run:  3,440,500
FDC Design:  Igor Benca
FDC Engraving:  František Horniak
Cancellation Design:  Igor Benca
FDC Printing:  Postal Stationery Printing House, Prague
FDC Print Technology:  Recess printing from flat plates
FDC Print Run:  10,000

Ekotopfilm is a specialist international festival of films and video programsmes devoted to ecological concerns. The oldest event of its kind in the world (and one in many ways unique0, it provides a forum in which specialists in various fields can come together and share their views. The motivation behind it is the need for a balanced and integrated approach to questions of environment and development, and it proclaims the need for a new global partnership which will involve the widest possible participation of the public in taking responsibility for the fate of the earth.

As an inclusive festival presenting the latest audio-visual work from around relating to Man's industrial, economic and human activity - with the emphasis on the environment-, it seeks and makes available for implementation the best possible solutions to the economic, environmental and social problems that face Slovakia today.

In the pat quarter of century (1974-1998) Ekotopfilm has shown 3,379 films from sixty-nine countries around the world and annually welcomes several thousand participants from home abroad.

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