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Construction section

The Construction Section develops legislation, methodology, programmes and regulations covering construction, land-use planning and building codes. In the construction area, it drafts and submits proposed concepts and programmes focusing on systematically achieving higher energy efficiency in buildings and a national plan to do so, while maintaining a central register of energy certificates and checking them. It licenses legal entities, is empowered to amend and revoke licenses, is the notifying authority in the Construction Sector and nationally supervises its activities. Through the Construction Section, the Slovak Republic cooperates internationally with the Standing Committee on Construction. The section also identifies leaders from the Slovak Republic in European sector groups and is tasked as the contact point for construction products. In land-use planning, it administers Slovak Spatial Development Perspective and land-use engineering materials, directs the procurement of land-use planning documentation, provides assistance in preparing such documents, verifies the competence to acquire it and cooperates internationally in spatial development. The building code area drafts concepts and development plans for land-use and construction authorisations, certification of buildings for occupancy, government supervision of construction, expropriation and regulation of professions. In these areas, it is the national administrative authority directing and inspecting performance and reviewing decisions in administrative proceedings. The section also oversees construction as the chief government authority and coordinates the application of construction and expropriation laws with other authorities.