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Slovak Government Representative for Expressways

The Slovak Government Representative for expressways plays an advisory role and is nominated by the Prime Minister, with the Slovak Government having the power to appoint and dismiss him or her. Accordingly, the Representative reports to the Slovak Government. The Representative’s scope of authority and powers are established by statute. The Representative may set up working groups and commissions, defining their agendas, composition, roles, principles and the technical and organisational arrangements for their activities, as well as the rights and duties of their members. The position of the Representative for Expressways is incorporated into the Ministry of Transport and Construction's organisational structure, while his or her activities are coordinated with the applicable ministers.

As an advisory body to the Government, the Representative is tasked with addressing issues about the construction of expressways in Slovakia, with responsibilities including the taking of systematic action to fulfil resolutions by the Government which relate to the construction of them. The representative puts forward proposals for discussion between government advisory bodies if the nature of the matter requires it. Both the Government’s rules of procedure and a decision by the Prime Minister allow the Representative to participate in cabinet meetings where questions related to the Representative's competence are discussed.

The Representative is entitled to seek information and opinions necessary to fulfil the assigned role, as outlined in Article 3, from public authorities and also from organisations, institutions and other entities in establishing their competence within the Representative’s own competence.  He or she cooperates with public authorities, local governments, non-government organisations, international organisations and other entities in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of programmes for constructing expressways.