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Rail Transport and Railways Section

This section of the Ministry conceptualises rail transport and develops both railway infrastructure and public passenger transport, including the local public transport scheme, public rail transport timetables, freight rail transport and intermodal transport infrastructure. It also establishes and applies the national transportation policy for rail transport, railways and intermodal transport, while setting priorities that are binding upon the competent authorities as well as railway and rail carrier operators.  The section likewise executes transport policy and enforces transport law, while legislating in the field of rail transport and railways, especially Act No. 513/2009 Coll. on Railways and on amendment of certain laws, as amended and Act No. 514/2009 Coll. on Railway Transport, as amended and its implementing rules;

The Rail Transport and Railways Section approximates national law with European Union Law, transposing European Union directives that cover rail transport, railways and intermodal transport within the interoperability framework, and as a national contact point with the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) in telematics applications for passenger and freight transport, since it primarily drafts inoperability legislation as it decides about the utilisation and application of technical standards and regulations in the area. It also oversees the continuity and level of rail transport safety and compliance with national safety rules, including regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods. The section’s competence includes land-use planning, conceptualising and drafting development plans for the region in terms of locating tracks, railway connections and crossings, and technical and operational parameters for them. It handles the drafting of international treaties, ensures compliance with them and negotiates with international organisations with regard to rail transport, representing the Slovak Republic in these organisations when entrusted to do so.