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Section for Road Transport and Roads

In the area of road infrastructure, the Section for Road Transport and Roads formulates national transport policy and the concept of a local road network joined to the trans-European network, as well as tolls charged for motorways and roads, while conceptualising and coordinating IDS development and developing concepts for official vehicle measurement and programmes for motorway and road repair and maintenance. It coordinates, provides methodological guidance and makes decisions on the assessment of motorway and road design documentation, evaluates road construction projects, assists in providing government expertise and produces documentation for the issuance of opinions by the Ministry in land-use planning for roads. It drafts Ministry documents for funding motorways operated by the National Highway Company - NDS, a.s. and the Slovak Road Administration (SSC) from Ministry budget chapters and reviews of its legislative and government resolved roles, comments on the approval of the organisational structure of NDS, a.s., on the SSC and on NDS's business plan. It coordinates administrators of winter road maintenance, monitors and coordinates road management and conditions, provides methodological guidance and coordinates centralised technical records on road traffic aggregation.

It acts as a motorway and expressway administrator, decides on closures, bypasses, detours and connections, issues special use permits, allows exemptions from prohibited activities on road protection zones, gives its consent to technical solutions that deviate from Slovak Technical Standards (STN) and regulations, and decides on the inclusion of roads in the road network. It determines permanent and temporary traffic signs, approves planned major highway, road, bridge and tunnel inspections, coordinates official vehicle measurements, approves technical regulations to be issued by the Ministry for roads and cooperates both in the approval of road STNs and in drafting road legislation.

It acts as a special construction authority for motorways and expressways, proceeding and issuing construction permits, permission to make changes before completion and approvals for structure use.

The Section for Road Transport and Roads is the appellate body for decisions from administrative proceedings and issues non-appealable decisions to local, lower-instance road administration authorities.