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Section for EU Affairs and International Relations

The Section for EU Affairs and International Relations (SEUAIR) consists of two departments each covering one of the section's two portfolios. The International Relations Department coordinates cooperation with foreign partners, mediating and establishing international contacts with foreign entities. SEUAIR upholds international treaties and is tasked by the Slovak Republic's membership in international organisations to handle certain commitments. The department likewise prepares opinions on material of an international nature and on bilateral and multilateral international treaties. It also covers missions undertaken at foreign countries by senior officials at the Ministry. Within the EU, the department coordinates with, monitors and directs the Ministry in areas related to Slovakia’s membership in the EU and operations at the Ministry. The EU Affairs Department prepares materials used in EU decision-making, instructions for negotiations at the Permanent Representatives Committee and documentation for discussions at the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council. It works with EU institutions, the Representation of the European Commission in the Slovak Republic and partner institutions of EU Member States, as well as with candidate countries and other institutions working in EU affairs.