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Department of Audit, State Supervision and Oversight

The Department of Audit, State Supervision and Oversight -DASSO (hereinafter referred to as “the Department”) is the section of the Ministry in charge of professional supervision, complaints and petitions, and which also conducts spot government and financial audits. The organisation has three divisions: State Supervision; Internal Audit, Complaints and Petitions and Financial Audit.

The State Supervision Division (SOD) has oversight over international traffic, motorways and expressways, driving schools, roadworthiness testing centres, emission and vehicle originality checkpoints, mandatory basic operator qualification centres, road traffic recording equipment, electronic toll systems, maritime navigation and railway track signals. The Department maintains a central register of credentials issued for audits, controller identification and SOD credentials. It audits other government authorities at the Ministry and public administration organisations acting for the Ministry. The Department also handles complaints, receives petitions and keeps a record of them in a central register. Financial spot checks are conducted at entities that have been appropriated funds from the Ministry's budget chapter.