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Transport of Radioactive Material

The transport of radioactive material in Slovakia has to be carried out in compliance with ADR/RID/ADN as well as with the Act No. 87/2018 Coll. On Radiation Protection.

A license issued by the ministry of transport as a competent authority is required for shipments of radioactive material other than excepted packages (other than UN2908, UN 2909, UN2910 and UN2911).

License for the transport of radioactive materials in Slovakia is also required for activities performed by foreign companies with registered office or permanent address in another state.

The application shall be written in Slovakian language (Slovakian/English form is available to download) and all the files required to be submitted shall be translated either into Slovakian language or English.

The applicant has a duty to state the following in the application form for the license of the transport of radioactive material:

  1. business name, legal form, registered office and identification number;
  2. activity for which he/she applies for the authorization (transport of radioactive material with selected UN numbers);
  3. place of performance of the activity (Slovakian territory - roads, railway or inland waterway);
  4. name, surname and permanent address of the person or persons who are the statutory body, if the applicant is a legal person;
  5. name, surname and address of their radiation protection officer for transport.

The applicant has a duty to submit the following files for the authorization process:

  1. Characteristics of the planned transport activities and description of the technical equipment;
  2. Justification of the transport of radioactive material;
  3. Transport order and Radiation protection measures;
  4. Description of the technical equipment for ensuring the transport including the equipment for shipment loading and unloading;
  5. Risk evaluation based on transported radioactive material, means of transport and route;
  6. Transport Emergency Response Plan;
  7. certificate of approval for the package(s), or documentation for non-aprroval package(s),
  8. List of vehicle(s)  and certificate of the technical ability of the vehicle(s),
  9. List of qualified driver(s) and their ADR class 7 certificate(s);
  10. Radiation Protection Officer Certificate;
  11. Transport Security Plan.

Regarding the content of the documentation applicant is encouraged to use the Guide with various recommandations for each file, that was published by the Radiation Protection Departement. 

 If the applicant has demonstrated compliance with all requirements ministry of transport will issue a license to transport radioactive material. 

Transport license is general, based on selected UN numbers and without time validation. The  fee  charged for  issuance is 50 € per one UN number or 1000 € in the case of fissile material. 



Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic
Radiation Protection Department 

Ms Alena Bujnova – Radiation Protection Inspector
phone:+421 2 594 94 579 
mobile:+421 918 825 079                      

Mrs Darina Palenikova – Head of the Department
phone:+421 2 594 94 707
mobile:+421 915 393 669