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Section for Shareholder and Property Rights

The Section for Shareholder and Property Rights is a cross-cutting department in the Ministry, whose scope particularly includes shareholder rights and limited liability company shareholders and founders exercising their rights, disposal of state property and management of subordinating entities within the Ministry of Transport and Construction. In addition, it handles development of science and technology, statistics and data, and modern economic trends.

As of 31 December 2017, the Ministry ran 15 companies, namely 14 joint-stock companies with holdings by public authorities, of which eight were wholly government-owned companies, two were joint-stock companies with the government owning over a 90% stake, four were joint-stock companies with the government owning fewer than 35% of shares and one wholly government-owned limited liability company.   

In addition, the Ministry operates two business organisations, two non-profit organisations and six budgetary institutions.

The section’s oversight covers property management and economic development at organisations within the Ministry’s competence, with the section producing opinions and drafting solutions to economic and property issues at companies where the government and state agencies participate with holdings, and reviewing efficiency, effectiveness and compliance by the companies with the requirements and needs of the Ministry. When handling government property administered by budgetary and subsidised organisations, the Section for Shareholder and Property Rights addresses all management and disposal of surplus government-owned property in accordance with Act No. 278/1993 Coll. on Administration of State Property, as amended.    

In the development of science and technology, it is involved in preparing and addressing research, development and scientific services, mainly through outside suppliers. These projects mostly involve analysis carried out for Ministry departments. The work it does is financed from the Ministry's budget or from OPII technical assistance.

The Section for Shareholder and Property Rights reviews statistics and data and directs government statistical surveys and administrative surveys at the Ministry. It cooperates with national and international organisations that handle statistics such as the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, the International Transport Forum at the OECD and other organisations. The section also coordinates open data and open government activities at the Ministry. It analyses data sources at the Ministry, suggesting action to improve them, and pursues modern economic trends such as the collaborative economy, drafting Ministry policies in response to them.