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Danube ports

In this part of the Danube „Logistic Information“ you can find useful information about ports and terminals in the Slovak section of the Danube. Here you can find the brief characteristics of public ports in Slovakia, more specifically the port of Bratislava, Komarno and Sturovo. Do not miss the opportunity to get information on more than 60 Danube ports issued by Austrian company viadonau.

Port Bratislava

is strategically the most important public port in Slovakia on the international Danube watercourse. At present, it serves the functions of a universal, load and personal port. His potential increases its advantageous geographic location at the Rhine-Danube and Baltic-Adriatic Corridor of the Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T as well as the good availability of other European capitals and important ports - Vienna and Budapest.

Port Bratislava is a territorial complex of water areas, hydrotechnical facilities, port basins, underground construction and storage areas, serviced and territorially connected by transport and technical infrastructure to the transport network (road and rail).

The cargo port of Bratislava is situated on the left bank of the Danube waterway, r. km 1,867,290 to 1862,000 and is made up of four port basins. The cargo port is used for transhipping goods between rail, road and water means of transport directly or with storage. It has an advantageous direct road and rail connection to the economic and industrial background of our economy

Port Komarno


is the second most important port in Slovakia. From the harbor in Bratislava, it is 100 km downstream. It is considered the starting point of the "Vazska Waterway". The territory of the public port of Komárno is defined on the left bank of the Danube between 1770 and 1762,00 river miles.

The port of Komárno is a public port used for the transhipment of goods between the means of rail, road and water transport directly or with intermediate storage. Conceptually, technologically and structurally, the port of Komárno is built for the transfer of bulk, loose substrates.

Port Sturovo

is the smallest of all Slovak public ports, functions as a personal port. The territory of the public port of Štúrovo is defined in the section between 1718,80 and 1718,30 river miles on the left bank of the Danube on the water, on the left edge of the fairway.

Information on more than 60 Danube ports.

Verejné prístavy, a.sVýsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt verejne pristavy as

Verejné prístavy, a.s. is charged with the following business activities:

  • ensuring the readiness and securing construction work at the public ports in Slovakia while developing long-term and short-term concepts for their development,
  • assuring operation, maintenance and repairs as well as all records of facilities, structures and installations inside the public ports,
  • leasing land inside the public ports and other related activities immediately associated with the disposal of the assets inside the public ports,
  • collecting payments for the use of the public ports,
  • establishing the conditions for the development of multi-modal transport, including handing of multi-modal cargo units

Tariff for collecting payments for the use of public ports on waterways of the Slovak Republic:

Slovak Shipping and Ports a. s. Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt spap a.s.

has been a dominant company in the field of transport, transshipment and warehousing of goods, forwarding
services, repair works and building of new vessels on the territory of the Slovak Republic. The company offers logistics services, being connected with transportation of all kinds of goods on the river Danube as well as on the
whole network of West European waterways between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

The company SPaP a.s. with its technical equipment, high-quality services and skilled workers, has an interesting geographic and logistic location in the field of warehousing, transshipment and transport of cargoes.

The SPaP a.s. has been directly connected to:
1. Railway transport
2. Road transport (highway junction)
3. Internal pipeline from the SLOVNAFT-refinery

Intermodal Promotion Centre:

Intermodal Promotion Centre contains useful information about combined transport in Slovak Republic